Meet the Match

A Disability Advocate Closing the Gap for All Peruvians

Growing up in Peru, Jorge developed a love of sports. He played any sport his parents would let him, so when a snowboarding accident left him with paraplegia, his passion became adaptive sports. After earning an undergraduate degree in economics and developing a career as a financial analyst, Jorge combined his passion and education and founded, “bent but not broken,” a non-profit organization that promotes adaptive sports and inclusive experiences for persons with disabilities. Jorge found his niche serving the community in Peru, but he knew he could do more.

Jorge knew that persons with disabilities faced inadequate employment opportunities and had little access to inclusive programming. But, he also saw that they specifically needed access to adaptive equipment. So, Jorge founded, “Tecnologia Adaptada,” a company that produces ultralight wheelchairs. In combination with his non-profit organization, Jorge is on a mission to increase the quality of life for persons with disabilities in Peru and to empower a new generation of youth through adaptive sports. For GSMP: Sport for Community 2019, Jorge will be mentored by Joanne Wallen, Director of Adult Individual Play and Wheelchair Tennis, and her team at the U.S. Tennis Association in Orlando, FL.

Mentor Matches