Meet the Match

Chinese Visionary is Guiding and Empowering

Growing up in Shanghai, Xiangdong, or Ken as he’s better known, always loved sports. After studying business, graduating with an MBA, and going on to work as a financial consultant, Ken and his wife Annie founded, “BeYourEyes,” a running program for people with visual impairments. They realized that Chinese people with blindness or other visual impairment had little opportunity to participate in sport and faced public doubt about their abilities. Ken is changing these perceptions, and since 2015, BeYourEyes has helped more than 13,000 participants participate in physical activity in 290 events and hopes to expand to all of mainland China.

For GSMP: Sport for Community 2019, Ken will be mentored by Tina Acosta, Director of Program Outreach, and her team at Turnstone in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Mentor Matches