Meet the Match


Growing up in Kuwait, Raba’a Al Hajeri played every sport she could throughout grade school and went on to be a collegiate triathlete and soccer player. She now continues her passion for physical activity as mountaineer and plans to summit Mount Everest in April. And, she carries this passion for outdoor adventure into her professional career.

Raba’a helped co-found “3 Triathlon Club,” an organization that aims to get more women into sport, physical activity, and triathlons. She now works as a managing partner at “Eighty Percent,” a socially driven sports management company that aims to improve sport and event management in Kuwait. Raba’a’s work is especially important given that women in her country have only been permitted to vote for the past 14 years.

To create new opportunities, Raba’a seeks to develop the skills needed to address inadequate facilities and funding for women’s sports throughout Kuwait and to increase participation rates for women and girls in sports.

For GSMP: Empowering Women through Sports 2019, Raba’a will be mentored by Liz Gray, Head of Cultural and Consumer Insights at Creative Artists Agency, and her team in New York City.

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