Meet the Match


As one of only a few female CrossFit Certified Trainer (CFL3) in the Middle East and Jordan, Noor Dajani knows how to blaze her own path. In addition to empowering her athletes and participants during weekly classes, Noor is also leading a book project on empowering women through healthy living, coordinating monthly seminars on nutrition and wellness, and developing a dual exercise and mental health program, “Mepower,” she founded in 2017.

“Mepower” was born out of her own physical and psychological journey in CrossFit and inverts the letters “e” and “m” in the traditional spelling of “empower” to symbolize that every person holds inherent power, and that through mindful and challenging activities, can more fully develop their resilience, independence, and confidence.

Through her GSMP experience, Noor hopes to learn the skills needed to develop effective marketing and outreach strategies, to scale her program to other gyms in her country, to evaluate and re-imagine her curriculum, and to help more women and girls reach their fitness and wellness goals.

For GSMP: Empowering Women through Sports 2019, Noor will be mentored by Romina Bongiovanni, Head of Global Communications at New Balance, and her team in Boston, Massachusetts.

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