Meet the Match

An Executive with Hope for Women's Basketball in Indonesia

Masany Gultom grew up as the youngest child in a family of six; her father served in the army and her mother stayed at home to care for the children. As a child, Masany did not have access to sport. Society frowned upon sport for women and girls; as a result, there were no sports leagues. In Masany’s words, “In my country, society says that women should not be athletes; there is no good that can come from that. Women should be housewives. They are responsible for the family.”

Despite her zeal for the Olympics and the sport industry, Masany pursued a degree in English. She was “supposed to be an English teacher,” but she says, “God led me to sport and I am just following.” Masany is currently the COO for all three basketball leagues in Indonesia, which are the “first sports companies in the country.” She is very excited to take part in this experience and to learn how to be more effective in her sports strategy. Although the leagues are very successful and she is considered one of the most powerful women in Indonesia sport, she is a self-proclaimed “rookie” when it comes to the sports industry.

We believe Under Armour offers Masany the best opportunity to learn the “101s” of sport management. At UA, Masany will be exposed to all facets of the company including marketing, distribution, public relations, event planning, creativity/design, and community outreach. UA already has an exceptional training program in place for interns to expose them to the entire company and we believe a modified version of this would be very beneficial for Masany.

Without a doubt, Masany will use these ideas to catapult the newly established Indonesian Women’s Basketball League to the next level.

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