Meet the Match

Egyptian Coach Dreams of an Inclusive Community Space

As a kung-fu champion and coach in Egypt, Mahmoud knows the power that sport has to transform lives, so after an injury, he transitioned to para-sports. Now, as a professional wheelchair tennis player, marathoner, and CrossFit athlete, Mahmoud travels the country as a motivational speaker. In addition to sharing his story with audiences and encouraging them to pursue their best lives through physical activity, Mahmoud also works as a personal trainer for athletes with disabilities and as an ambassador for the Helm Foundation, an organization in Egypt that promotes inclusion.

Collectively, Mahmoud is on a mission to address the lack of rehabilitation services and accessibility in public spaces by using his platform to raise awareness and create opportunity, with a long-term goal of founding an inclusive fitness center. For GSMP: Sport for Community 2019, Mahmoud will be mentored by Joanne Wallen, Director of Adult Individual Play and Wheelchair Tennis, and her team at the U.S. Tennis Association in Orlando, FL.

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