Meet the Match

Activist Develops Para-Sports in Lithuania

Since she was a child growing up in northwest Lithuania, Kamile knew she wanted to help people in need. She saw the platform of government and policy formation as a platform for change, so she pursued a law degree and graduated from Hauge University of Applied Sciences. After graduating, Kamile took a position as an assistant to the Silauliai city mayor in Lithuania. From there she was offered an opportunity to join the Lithuanian Paralympic Committee as a project manager. Since joining the Paralympic Committee, Kamile has noticed how para-athletes face inadequate training facilities, are viewed as less capable by other athletes and members of society, and often have low-levels of self-confidence. Kamile aims to change this by empowering the Lithuanian national team, encouraging persons with disabilities to pursue sports, and making the organization a leader in advocacy and inclusion.

For GSMP: Sport for Community 2019, Kamile will be mentored by Tracy Meier, Program and Education Director, and her team at National Ability Center in Park City, UT.

Mentor Matches