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A Vietnamese Professor Shows Sport if for Everyone

Tra Giang Nguyen, or “Jane,” is a professor in the Institute of Sport Science and Technology at the University of Sport Ho Chi Minh City, and team general manager for the Ice Hockey Association of Thailand. She seeks to develop sport projects, such as events and specialized courses, focused on physical education for people with disabilities and increasing female participation.

Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Jane was a top youth table tennis player. After completing a bachelor’s degree  in physical education, she moved to Thailand where she was exposed to sports management and psychology for the first time. Now, Jane is the first person in Vietnam teaching sports from a non-physical education perspective, including courses in sports management, marketing, economics, and tourism. Outside of the classroom, she organizes major sports conferences and events throughout the year for the student body. In 2017, Jane organized the International Conference on Sport Management, the first university sports conference ever held in Vietnam, with more than 200 professors representing 28 countries. She also completed a major project inspired by her time in Sport for Tomorrow, an initiative of the Japanese government. The project, “Walk and Run for Tomorrow” concluded in Ho Chi Minh City with a marathon and other racing events for students with and without disabilities.

In addition to her university work, Jane served as general manager for Thailand’s men’s and women’s national ice hockey teams at the 2017 Asian Games in Japan, where the men won the gold medal, and 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Malaysia, where the men won the silver medal. She currently works within the association to secure funding to run ice hockey camps for girls and women.

Jane earned a Ph.D. in exercise and sport management from Burapha University (Thailand). Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, attending sports events, and drinking green tea.

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