Meet the Match

A Sports Executive Dreams of Opportunities for Girls

Hermine E’Gairma is a FIBA-certified international basketball referee, a physical education teacher at a private, international school, and the president of the Women and Sports Commission for the Rwandan Olympic Committee.

Hermine is a role model for youth throughout Rwanda. She considers herself an “all-sport athlete” and continues to play tennis, basketball, handball, swimming, and volleyball on a regular basis. Because of her role as a physical educator and avid athlete, she is highly regarded as an expert on health, fitness, exercise, and sport.

As president of the Women and Sports Commission, Hermine dreams of using her position to increase sports opportunities for girls at the junior national level. According to Hermine, the Rwandan government is very supportive of gender balance throughout society including sports. By using government resources to build capacity for junior
national programs, more Rwandan women can represent their country in future Olympic Games.

We believe the USOC will be able to help Hermine understand the junior level training systems that produce Olympians in the United States. We also believe the USOC is a great match because of Hermine’s position as President of the Women and Sports Commission for the NOC of Rwanda. Hermine’s vision for Rwanda for peace and healing after such conflict and tragedy echoes the most fundamental ideals of the Olympic movement – how sport can be used to unite people of difference, promote friendship, and encourage peace between individuals. We believe the USOC can provide Hermine with the knowledge and resources she needs to implement sport initiatives that encourage and uplift women and girls of Rwanda.

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