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Egyptian Swimmer Wants to Create Female Leaders

Dina Ibrahim grew up in a Christian home in Cairo and attended the English school, where she was exposed to swimming and several other sports. She fell in love with the water and dedicated herself to becoming a national team swimmer.

Through sport, Dina developed self-confidence and learned invaluable life lessons. In the her words, “Swimming taught me the meaning of commitment and discipline. I learned the meaning of success but I also learned how to get back up, how to succeed after being knocked down.”

Despite serious cultural constraints, Dina achieved national acclaim for swimming and also completed a degree in Economics, a field typically reserved for males. Dina credits swimming with teaching her how to compete, lead, and finish.

Through this experience, Dina hopes to learn how to: (a) increase female sport participation in Egypt, specifically swimming, (b) raise awareness about the benefits of sport participation for girls using the school system and media outlets, (c) encourage federation support of female sports programs, and (d) develop and market her own swimming academies that promote life skill development through sport.

At Stanton, Dina will learn successful strategies to market a new swim academy and encourage buy-in among girls, parents, teachers, and community leaders. With Stanton & Company’s expertise in marketing, branding, and girl power, we think Stanton is the perfect match for Dina.

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