Meet the Match

Mexican Surfer Speaks to Inspire and Empower

Daniel, who is one of six siblings, was raised in Acapulco, Mexico. Growing up near the ocean, Daniel developed a passion for the water and ocean sports. After earning a degree in Business Administration and Corporate Finance, Daniel gained experience as a financial advisor at Deloitte and Inbursa Bank before moving to a position in his family’s construction company. In addition to his professional experience, Daniel also wanted to follow his passion by addressing the challenges athletes with disabilities face in Mexico. He has observed firsthand the realities of limited employment opportunities, poor living conditions, and discrimination in sports based on ability.

Now, as the Founder and Managing Director of Surfeando Sonrisas-Disability Surfing, Daniel aims to use surfing as a vehicle to generate confidence and to empower persons with disabilities throughout his country. For GSMP: Sport for Community 2019, Daniel will be mentored by Brielle Carter, Program Manager, and her team at Ability 360 Sports and Fitness Center in Phoenix, AZ.

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