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An International Sports Expert Develops Malaysian Ice Hockey

Chee Ee Laine is an international sports programming consultant and general secretary of the Malaysian Ice Hockey Federation. She seeks to create a sustainable and successful women’s ice hockey program in Malaysia.

Growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Elaine discovered ice hockey after her time as a figure skater. She moved to the United States to attend Western Michigan University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and during her time there became a fan of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. After returning home to continue her journalism career, Elaine became involved with the MIHF, where she has since become a prominent leader.

In her current role, Elaine is responsible for running the federation’s daily operations and serving as an international liaison to partnering federations throughout Asia and the International Ice Hockey Federation. Under her stewardship, Malaysia has won three gold medals internationally, including women’s gold in the 2018 IHF  Challenge  Cup  of  Asia  Division  1. The federation has grown by nearly 500 percent in the past decade with more than 300 players at the youth and senior levels, including 50 players in the women’s program—a remarkable achievement for a country without a traditional winter.

Outside of the MIHF, Elaine has previously demonstrated her potential as an ice hockey leader by overseeing the integration of more than 200 athletes and officials from South Korea, Ukraine, Malaysia, Thailand, and Serbia under a training program supported by the Korean Olympic Committee. She has also organized five international ice hockey events in Malaysia.

By participating in the GSMP, Elaine has acquired the support necessary to develop a network and plan for increasing female sports leadership in Malaysia and ensuring the long-term growth of Malaysian Ice Hockey.

Elaine earned a master’s degree in global sports management from Seoul National University. Outside of ice hockey, she is an avid skydiver with more than 50 jumps.

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