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A Brazilian Journalist Inspires Girls to be Fearless

Carol Barcellos is a reporter for TV Globo and the host of “Extreme Planet.” A nationally-renowned journalist and advocate for gender equality in media,  she is passionate about inspiring young women across Brazil to break gender barriers through sports.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Carol has always lived an active life. As host of “Extreme Planet,” she participated in several physical challenges, including participating in the North Pole Marathon and Atacama Desert Ultramarathon. In 2008, she published a book, Breaking the Limits, about the extreme challenges she undertook and how they apply to overcoming other challenges in life. She has completed six half marathons and two international marathons in Jerusalem and Buenos Aires.

In addition to her television work, Carol founded Destemidas (“Fearless”), a project she runs in collaboration with Fight for Peace, after covering the 2017 Boston Marathon. As part of the project, she provides athletic training for more than 30 young women in Rio de Janeiro’s underserved Maré community, as well as a safe space to discuss issues of of gender and empowerment. Carol is also one of the women behind #DeixaElaTrabalhar (#LetHerWork), a Brazilian national campaign for challenging sexual harassment against women in the workplace.

By participating in the GSMP, Carol has discovered ways to grow her Fearless project to reach a greater number of girls in Rio de Janeiro, as well as provide more expansive opportunities for empowerment through education and employment.

Carol earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Fluminense Federal University. Outside of work, she enjoys running, yoga, and traveling, and spending time with her 6-year-old daughter.

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