Entrepreneur Using Sport as a Tool for Achieving Gender Equality in Mexico

A digital transformation professional with an altruistic spirit and a passion for sport, Brenda Möller is on a mission to provide sporting opportunities for women and girls in Mexico. Brenda holds a Master of Strategic Design and Innovation as well as a Master’s Degree in International Sports Management, and has lent her voice to the TED stage on topics related to advertising, E-commerce and digital transformation. Always in pursuit of making a positive impact and leaving things better than she found them, Brenda has started using sport as an empowerment tool for women and girls.

In Mexico today, roughly 60 percent of women and girls are physically inactive, in large part due to a lack of safe and accessible facilities. As the Founder & CEO of Dale Vuelta, a purpose-driven company, Brenda and her team use the power of multimedia communication to bridge the gap between women and girls who want to practice sport and organizations willing to provide safe facilities. After just a year, Dale Vuelta is growing into Brenda’s vision of providing a support system to facilitate women’s safe access to sports.

With an admiration for American sports culture, Brenda is grateful for the opportunity to learn ways that sport can positively impact and unify a society. Through her GSMP experience, she hopes to learn best practices in generating income, creating good jobs for women, and boosting women’s status in the Mexican sports sector. For GSMP: Empowering Women through Sports 2021, Brenda will be mentored by Susan Cohig, Executive Vice President, Club Business Affairs with the NHL, and her team in New York, New York.

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