Former Brazilian National Soccer Team Member Uses Her Platform to Unite Communities Through Sport

Growing up playing soccer with the boys in the streets of her Rio neighborhood, Beatriz Vaz was fortunate to have a supportive family who fostered her competitive spirit and love of the game. Historically, women and girls in Brazil have been discouraged from participating in sports, especially soccer, due to societal norms and idealized notions of femininity. Young girls have limited access to safe sporting facilities and often lack foundational support from parents and local leaders. A former midfielder in Brazil’s premier professional soccer league, and a member of the national team, Beatriz knows first-hand how sport can be a catalyst for positive social change.

Today, Beatriz aims to give back to the game of soccer and her community as an assistant coach with the Brazilian National Women’s Soccer Team. She’s also part of two important social projects, Gol do Brasil (Brazil’s goal) and Futebol Feminino (Female Football), where she’s using soccer as a tool for developing important life skills, while also educating teachers, coaches and parents about the critical role they play in helping young girls realize their full potential. Beatriz provides opportunities for women and girls to play in safe and accessible spaces while also promoting social integration and community development.

Through her GSMP experience, Beatriz hopes to learn new ways to build confidence, motivate and inspire her young athletes to be the best versions of themselves. For GSMP: Empowering Women through Sports 2021, Beatriz will be mentored by Julie Eddleman, EVP, Global Chief Commercial Officer at DoubleVerify, Diane Cummins, Senior Consultant at Simpactful, and their teams in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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