Meet the Match


As a child growing up in Lithuania, Asta Zukaite was exposed to all types of sports, from figure skating to track and field. Her love of sports and unmatched work ethic led her to become the lead on-air sports anchor for LNK TV, one of the two largest television channels in Lithuania.

As a reporter for LNK, Asta has traveled the globe reporting on Lithuania’s biggest sporting events, including the Euroleague Championships and ISU European Figure Skating Championships. Despite being one of the few female sports journalists in the country—women hold only 14% of decision-making roles in sports organizations in Lithuania—her segment is considered one of the most popular in the country.

However, over the past six years, Asta has become increasingly overwhelmed by the lack of respect for women’s competence and professionalism. For example, women are often not permitted on team buses and few female journalists are invited onto the field after games. Asta seeks to create a more streamlined path for women in media, specifically by establishing a mentorship program for aspiring female journalists.

For GSMP: Empowering Women through Sports 2019, Asta will be mentored by Maria Soares, Senior Coordinating Producer at ESPN, and her team in Bristol, Connecticut.

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